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Event Pics 2017

Fort Indiantown Gap
January 26-28

Our Dragoon unit took Friday this year as an opportunity to
train in field tactics. The only  time when we weren't on the move
deployed against the Germans was when we were briefly eating.
Accordingly, here section leader Petronis stuffs his face.

Saturday was reserved for specific classroom training evolutions
This year, compass reading was first on the list.This was followed
by practical application of land navigation via map and
wireless instructions. The final evolution of the day was Vickers gun
crew deployment drill.

Back in the barracks serving as HQ, a 100 meter square grid had been laid out on
the cantonment area.

Plutonowy Moore then lead the team into area 13 with a scaled down version of the map. Drag. Neri
provided the radio link back to HQ.

As directed by HQ, the team were required to navigate to various positions on the map via grid or compass bearings. Once
in place they reported back to HQ with landmarks or building numbers to confirm the accuracy of their location.

After a hard day of training, the men pose for their latest photo shoot.  The 2017 calendar "Middle aged
men in pajamas" will be available soon although sales are not expected to be robust.

American Armoured Foundation, Inc.
Danville, VA
May 6

The family team who owns The American Armored Foundation graciously invited us to display
our equipment and interpret the history of Polish and British forces during the war.
Here we use the museum's existing diorama with Dingo and brought our Universal Carrier and
weapons to flesh out the display. Here William Brocker from the King's Own Regt
leans against the carrier. Andrew Petronis and Sam Cooper man
the interior positions.

Adding the human interaction factor to the vehicles brought a new dimension to the museum.

This is one of the first vehicles originally acquired by the Gasser family during the beginning stages of the museum.
The Dingo was actually a daily driver for a while. The mannequin doesn't say much so we were there to take over for him.

Some of the weapons and equipment we brought to discuss with the public.

Here ppchor. Petronis from the divisional HQ squadron scowls. We believe
it's because his drop holster leg strap is too tight thereby cutting blood
supply to his brain.

Click on the link below for a very brief youtube video of
AAF staff moving their self propelled gun.

Armed Forces Day
Downtown Greenville Airport, South Caroliana
May 20

The living history portion of the Armed Forces Day celebration this year was sponsored
The Military History Center of the Carolinas, a 501c non-profit educational corp.
Due to the heat and color of the local ground we felt Poles at Tobruk
would be the most appropriate impression.

Firstly we had to figure out where we were.

Some form of shade was a must. All displays were erected
on the grounds of the new museum building for the MHCC
which is currently under construction.

Did I mention how closely the dirt resembled North Africa? I'm sure the event staff
would have been happy to import some in for us if it hadn't been such a close match.

We figured the Germans probably weren't going to attack in the high noon heat anyway.

Anybody care to guess how Spam which has been sitting in my
compo crate for 3 years, tastes on a hot day?

WWII Weekend Eisenhower Farm NPS
Gettysburg, PA
16-17 September

For 10 years WWII Polish LHG had been attending the Eisenhower Farm event.
The NPS does a great job of hosting and the visitors keep us coming back.
Here the section begins Saturday morning with the traditional Polish
army greeting "Czolem Zolnierze"

The national colors are raised.

Of course the army moves on its stomach. Drag. Popiela was gracious enough to cook the meals
all weekend. The rest of the section pitched in for cleaning.

As always public visitation was superb. Here Boy Scouts receive instruction on
making a phone call the old fashioned way.

We were honored to be visited by staff from the Polish Embassy in Washington D.C.
From left to right Col. Maciej Wozniak (PAF Ret), Johanna Wozniak (Consular and Passport Specialist)
Drag. Dennis Popiela (WWII Polish LHG), Barbara Goralczyk (Vice-Consul Embassy)
Jaroslaw Goralczyk (Consul Embassy), ppor. Christopher Petronis (WWII Polish LHG)

The section and regimental colors take the salute of embassy staff.

Drag. Andrew Petronis makes sure no Germans get within grenade tossing distance of the camp.

The real heroes of the event are our real WWII Veterans. As always we are
honored by their presence and to hear their stories.

This is what happens after several hours in 85+ degree temperatures
while wearing full gear and talking non-stop.

Saturday night after dinner we all attended the 1940's big band
dance sponsored by the NPS. Background picture Little Round Top
or perhaps Monte Casino? Okay, it's Little Round Top.

Sunday was just as busy with visitors.
(Many thanks to our Polish War Correspondent Darragh Hannan for all the pictures)

Warbirds Over Monroe
Monroe County Airport, N.C.
Nov 11-12

For this air show WWII Polish LHG members dusted off their
305 PAF Bomber Squadron impression.

The first order of business on Friday was to erect our 300 lb
squadron HQ tent. Despite the size and weight our two personnel
on site had it up in less than 45 minutes.

Once our equipment was set up, we began the task of plotting the
course and headings for the railroad marshaling yards
in St. Omer, France.

In addition to the briefing area within HQ, we displayed flight gear
and intelligence related equipment.

This is what a frozen intel officer looks like Sunday morning after sleeping in 
 26 degree temperatures. The large, enthusiastic crowds of visitors over the
weekend more than made up for the cold.

Our weather officer, ppor. Cooper had however predicted the wind chill
and fortuitously brought a space heater for the tent.
Overall the weekend was very successful and we'd like to thank
the event sponsor and especially the living history display coordinator
for inviting us to the show. We hope to return for 2018.