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Event Pics 2016

Battle of the Bulge Commemeration
Fort Indiantown Gap, PA
Sponsored by the WW2 Historical Association
January 29-31

The 10th Dragoons march out to pass-in-review for our honored
WWII veterans who brave the outdoors to attend the event.

Our troops stand to attention as we prepare to lower
the national colors outside the barracks.

Saturday was reserved for various training topics inside.
Here Senior Dragoon Mateja
gives a class on the Polish Home Army (AK).

Diving further back into history, Drag. Jadaszewski
gives a class on 17th century Polish armored cavalry.
The Polish 1st Armoured Division shoulder insignia
was patterned from this heraldry.

One of the weekend highlights is receiving Red Cross
packages from home. Our thanks to Warrant Officer (chor.)
Neri for taking the time to fill these boxes with useful

Our Friday night festivities culminate in a Polish
ethnic dinner. All members bring a traditional
dish to share. Here ppor. Petronis raises a toast
to the original veterans of the 10th Dragoons.

National D-Day Monument
Bedford, VA
April 23

The 2016 event greeted us with typical April weather much like in England. We experienced rain,
drizzle then straight to a downpour. By Saturday morning however the weather cleared
and was perfect for flying. Of course Sqdrn Leader Moore forgot where he
parked our bomber.

We decided to take the museum's display L4 instead but somebody had
roped it off. The mission was scrubbed accordingly.

Squadron Leader Moore goes over our intended flight path to the target in France. It is just
south of the Pas de Calais where the intelligence officer assures us the
invasion will most likely take place.

Our intel officer, F/O Petronis, types up a report on the expected
enemy resistance en route to the target.

Here our intrepid intel officer doesn't understand the concept
of insert tab "A" into slot "B" on the seat pack parachute.

Hagood Mill
Pickens, S.C.
May 21

Armed Forces Day found us in Pickens County at the site of the
historic Hagood Mill. This location has a working water
wheel grist mill which we found quite interesting.
Here signals specialist Cooper tests the lines
member Allen Spearman watches.

Here we see an officer's tent and equipment displayed
as part of our squadron HQ.

The historic weapons display is manned by
the locals.

WWII Weekend Eisenhower Farm NPS
Gettysburg, PA
September 17-18

Our 2016 impression differed from previous
years.  This time we were portraying the squadron as
they may have looked after pulling off the front lines
in Chambois. Accomodations in the field were meant
to be sparse and represent a period of reorganization
and refit.
ppor. Petronis and drg. Jadaszewski consult the map.
Records indicate the division concentrated east of the river Dives
near Barou-Norrey en Auge and Grand Mesnil. Apparently it was
map ref 266388 perhaps near hill 123.
drg. Cooper mans the WS19 in the carrier to
maintain contact with regimental HQ.

Makeshift sleeping quarters for the carrier crew. The
straw wasn't too terribly uncomfortable but we
did encounter a few lumps.

Laundry and shaving were top priorities on the list.

A period Polish typewriter sits atop a captured German map of the area.
On the paper are the names and ranks of original members of the regiment
killed during the Battle of Falaise. A poignant reminder of
the brave men who we are honored to portray. They were;

                                              1st squadron                                            

                                                                          Kaczor, Czestau plut.Pdf.zymn                                                                  

                                                                                        Kmit, Wladystaw drgn. WS op                                                                     

Krupa, Jan drgn Bren gunner                                                                      

                                                                        Sienkiewicz, Franciszek plut.  Zca dcy pl.                                                 

            Szalowski, Henryk krp. Driver UC

                        Wrorkowski, Alojzy krp driver HT,  HQ pl

                      Wysocki, Jan st. drgn. Recce plt, driver UC

2nd squadron

Adamski, Ludwik st.drgn

Basista, Jozef kpr. HQ pltn

                      Borkowski, Edward plut.pchor. Recce HQ

    Gasiorek, Wladyslaw HQ ogn

          Komola, Waclaw st.dragn. WS OP

Mazur, Jan kpr.

Opolski, Stefan drgn.

Pawelko, Jozef drgn. WS19 OP

                        Przymenski, Edmund krp. Reece pltn, HQ UC

                  Smorag, Jan st.drgn. Recce pltn UC driver

          Turowski, Stanislaw drg Bren gunner

Wolnik, Emil kpr

Zielenski, Tedor st.drgn.

                                                                                                3rd squadron

Baran, Waclaw drgn, motorcyclist

  Bielec, Michal Recce pltn. UC driver

Darsicki, Adolf Bren gunner

Tuszynski, Maksymilian kpr.

                                                                                                  Support squadrons

  Baranski, Stefan kpr. HQ sqdrn

       Kolankiewicz, Adam drgn. Driver Jeep

Krajweski, Jan 1 a-tk pltn, gunner

Mincer, Wlodzimicrz por. HQ sqdrn

plut. Moore discusses the Vickers gun and other platoon weapons.
For a demonstration of Vickers crew deployment, see our youtube
instructional video here: Vickers deploy

Here we cut another pole for our cammo net. We are proving beyond
doubt that a 70-year old British issue chain saw still works quite well.
Although it does tend to damage one's fingers when pulling.