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This is the front view of the standard British 64 paybook issued to all Britihs/Commonwealth and Canadian soldiers. The Poles also used this as a form of identification with Polish language modifications

Page 2 of 64 Paybook for Jan Imperowicz, DOB April 18, 1899. Notice it lists his city of birth as Wilno, however in 1899 this was part of Lithuania until Poland annexed it in the early 20's. Also of note is that all entries under "Territorial, Supplementary and Army Reserve" have been struck out and Polish "Regular Army" are added. See also that his personal picture is not and was never added to page 3.

Example of post war entry under "Particulars of training"

Extensive documentation under the medical section. Notice how important annotations such as "blood group" have been provided in English as well as Polish.

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